Protection of the environment

In its incorporation deed, Physis specifically decided to address environmental issues using engineering approach.


Hydraulic risk control and soil conservation

When still no academic courses existed that dealt with this subject, our company had already indicated in its corporate name the main purpose of its activities


Design of waterway regulation works

The man-made environment has always required the carrying out of works to contain the flooding of rivers.


Design of aqueducts, sewerage systems and water treatment plants

Within the framework of water services, Physis designs plants with a work team that is able to follow the entire creation process and control the execution of the works.


Modelling and management of environmental data

The representation of natural phenomena via the use of a numerical approach is typical of engineering.


Planning of water and environmental services

The water supply, sewage and water treatment services, as well as those of urban hygiene, represent the basic organisation through which local communities intervene to control the environment and the supply of drinking water

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