Physis – Environmental Engineering was founded in Florence in 1989 by a group of young researchers of the University of Florence, for the purpose of developing a business activity that combined technical expertise and scientific precision in the new sector of environmental engineering.

Over the years the company has remained faithful to its original decision to distinguish itself with a high level of specialisation aimed at providing innovative and top quality services.
The company has consequently accrued vast experience in the following sectors:

    • Planning and control of hydraulic risks
    • Adjustments to watercourses
    • Design of hydraulic plants
    • Design of water treatment plants
    • Planning and management of aqueducts
    • Environmental modelling
    • Management of water resources
    • River systems
    • Planning and management of solid waste
    • Industrial plans on the public utilities market
    • Environmental impact assessment
    • Training

Physis offers technical support to private and public bodies, control agencies, environmental service operators, and central bodies of the state, regions, provinces, mountain communities, municipalities and reclamation entities.
It has developed specific know-how in every field based on the use of numeric system simulation, such as the following:

      • The representation of environmental phenomena (pollution control, flood forecasting, water resource assessment, river water quality,…);
      • Plant process simulation (pressurised water networks, sewerage systems in steady and unsteady flow, reclamation networks in steady and unsteady flow, gas networks, tank management,…);
      • The characterisation of biological and chemical-physical treatment processes;
      • The definition of optimised planning solutions (management of the water resources, water risk control, water crisis control, investment valuation, solid urban waste management).

Physis has taken part in the setting up of Westgroup, for the purpose of providing a wide range of offers in the environmental engineering sector by exploiting the extensive technical evolution that has occurred in recent years in the environmental protection and monitoring sector.


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