Planning of water and environmental services

5 pianificazioneThe water supply, sewage and water treatment services, as well as those of urban hygiene, represent the basic organisation through which local communities intervene to control the environment and the supply of drinking water. Traditionally entrusted to low-cost management, over time there has been an evolution towards industrial forms of management with greater focus on the quality of the service supplied and its economical aspects. In this context, the services are subject to scale planning within a supra-municipal framework and control by the local and national authorities.
The interventions are therefore no longer tied to a “local” logic, but instead linked to a complex system distributed throughout the territory and they call for an approach which, alongside traditional knowledge of civil engineering, also knows how to analyse the multiple aspects of an environmental, economic and social nature.
Over the years, Physis has accrued in-depth knowledge of this sector and its know-how and curriculum make it a leader in the engineering field, especially in the water services sector. As a result, the company acts as advisor to numerous Italian and foreign operators, control bodies, regions, mountain communities and provinces in Italy. It has taken part in the drawing up of environmental plans in numerous areas throughout the territory and has developed computerised systems for analysing performance in order to control the quality of the services supplied and the economic-financial impact.

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