Hydraulic risk control and soil conservation

2 controllo-rischio-idraulicoThe Italian territory has always been characterised by high geological risks caused by a number of factors entailing its hydrography, geology, rainfall pattern, and mountain slope morphology. Added to which is the high population density that over time has settled in extremely unstable areas or subject to periodic flooding. Recent climate changes, due in part to global warming phenomena, have greatly exacerbated the issue, making it a national emergency.
For more than 20 years, Physis has been working in this sector through the development and application of innovative techniques of meteorological phenomena analysis, flood modelling, territorial characterisation, and risk assessment.
Numerous works have focussed on the mapping of the flood risks and the boundaries of the areas with hydraulic risks, with the drawing up of intervention plans for implementation of safety measures. The most important clients include the regional authorities for the territory and local authorities (provinces, municipalities, mountain communities, …), principally interested in the planning and control of the territory. In addition, various private companies are also involved in the reduction of hydraulic risks in existing settlements or those still in the planning stage.

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